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We get our clients great results by combining our 21+ years of search engine optimization, web design, and internet marketing skills into everything we do.

1st Page Google

We own over 100 websites! Between us and our clients, we have thousands and thousands of 1st page Google rankings across America.  …We practice what we preach!

We do it all

We’re all you need to succeed online. Our clients soon forget about their other advertising methods. They depend on us to keep their business growing and ranking high on Google.

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High Google Search Rankings

Let’s face it, you don’t use the 2nd or 3rd page of Google and neither do your customers. We put your website on Page 1 of Google Search Results – giving you more visibility, more calls, more leads, more sales, and more credibility as a leader in your service industry and your local or national service area.

High Google Map Rankings

Is your website ranking in the Top 3 Google Map spots?  Does your website show in top Google searches? High Google rankings and search results are absolutely mandatory when it comes to your online success. If you do not rank high on Google…you’re sharing your profits with your competitors.

Google Pay Per Click Advertising

We’re Google Ads Certified Experts and we can handle all kinds of PPC Advertising, Google Ads or Bing Ads, Google Remarketing and other advanced strategies and tactics, WordPress Management and high Google rankings so you can get new leads, clients, sales and more revenue!

If it's powerful for your website - we know how to do it!

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Join us today – we’re fast, friendly, easy to work with, and we can be that “Ace-in-the-Hole” you use to dominate your local competitors. (Not from Idaho? – No problem; we have clients all across America! – Contact us today with the simple form below.)

Know what you need to win.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is an ongoing process that is essential to the growth of your business, the strength of your website, and whether or not you will let your competitors take your clients, sales, and revenue.

80% of your customers use Google and especially when they need fast and accurate results. If you’re not at the top of Google, you’re losing money each and every day.

Google Ads: Formerly “Google AdWords.

With 21 years of experience managing efficient and powerful Google Ads campaigns – we’ve spent 100s of thousands of dollars on PPC Advertising.  If your Google Ads campaigns are not set up properly, then you’re literally throwing money out the window every day.

If you’re paying someone to manage your Google Ads – chances are they might be slacking off. We don’t do that to our clients; we’re inside your Google Ads every day of the year – tweaking, adjusting, changing bids, and applying high level and modern tactics – because that’s what it takes to win!

Take action. Decide to win.

Invest in YOU and your website.

Stop wasting money advertising on Porch, Home Advisor, YellowPages, billboards, newspapers, radio or TV ads, etc..
Turn your website into a valuable asset for your business that makes you money while you sleep.

Your competitors enjoy beating you on Google and taking money that should be yours. Hire us and get top rankings now, push competitors out of Google Map and Google Search Engine Rankings. It’s not personal – it’s just business.

Is your SEO agency or web designer failing to get you Google rankings? Do they make excuses and stall for time? Don’t let your semi-friendship with your agency drag down your business. Contact us – we don’t waste our clients’ money!

We sell “traffic” – come get some!

Some businesses sell flowers, blue jeans, shoes, etc… But we sell TRAFFIC. New customers and fresh leads are the lifeblood of business; without them, you’ll surely fail. We’re experts and we play for keeps; we make businesses grow!

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Take action now – don’t put it off.

The wrong SEO company can ruin your website, get you penalized on Google’s naughty list, and they can’t beat an aggressive and highly skilled SEO agency like us. Pick the wrong company and you’ll regret it for years to come.

We move quick, we can build or rebuild a website in a few days, we use high-powered tactics in our SEO work. We’ve gotten new clients as many as 200 first page Google rankings in 100 days!

Higher ranking competitors on Google are actually taking leads, new customers, and sales from you daily. Stop sharing your profits with your competitors!

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We travel light, we move fast; we’re not mindless drones sitting in cubicles. We get our hands dirty on your project, reverse engineer your competition, and we give you many options to choose from in achieving your goals while staying within your budget. Do yourself a favor and contact us today.  > > If we can’t get you results – then we don’t want your money – start now!

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