Yes, you definitely can! Whether its wording, colors, specials, or just about anything else, get in touch and your changes will be made ASAP! However, I may recommend some things stay the same, or extensive changes may require additional fees. After the initial site build, you’ll also need a maintenance plan to ask for additional changes.

Yes there are. Except on extremely rare circumstances, Wolf Advertising does not accept jobs that revolve around beauty, clothes, fashion, etc. I absolutely do not accept jobs that revolve around controversial issues, explicit content, or other categories. I also don’t normally accept jobs with e-commerce built into the site as well, but there are exceptions. People in all images must be dressed appropriately. Other factors may apply, but these are the main exceptions.

For most businesses, yes, your site will be done in 3 weeks or less, allowing time for technical difficulties, other clients, third-party glitches, and things like that. We’ll keep you informed along the way. I may also be delayed if I don’t have all the info I need. In any case, it’s much faster than the 14 week minimum that some web designers claim.

Other than the basics, yes! The more you help, the easier and faster it is to get you better results! I’ll gladly take any pictures, written content, keyword suggestions, business info, recommendations, and more to incorporate into your website and advertising! You’re the expert in your field! Let it show on your new site!

No problem! It’s a pleasure to answer your questions! Just use the contact form and you’ll receive a personal reply soon!