The Google Ads Quiz

Are your Google Ads Campaigns giving you money or simply causing you stress? Get a rough idea with this quiz! Get insightful information about common mistakes we find in our client’s former Ads accounts!

Our Methods Trivia (Coming Soon)

When you take your car to the auto-shop, you usually want to know if the mechanic is using new parts, how he tests your vehicle, where he was certified, and a hundred other things before you hand over the keys. Apply this principle to your web designers! Learn more about us and our methods through this fun quiz!

SEO Trivia (Coming Soon!)

How well do you know SEO? What do back links, page rank, keyword density, and a penguin have to do with where you appear in Google search? Test your knowledge against this quiz!

Website Killer Quiz (Coming Soon)

A website can have many mistakes, but usually there is one of five mistakes that stands out from the rest. Find out what that is for your website! This 1-minute quiz will give you powerful insight into your online presence, and show you areas you probably need to work on.

Google Maps Trivia (Coming Soon!)

How well do you know your Google Maps? What are the best practices? Should you respond to reviews? Can you search tacos? Test your knowledge against this quiz!

More Quizzes Coming Your Way!

Check back later for more quizzes to help your business, or feel free to ask us your questions!