Additional Services

The demo site focuses on what can be put on the site. This concentrates more on services that can add to or boost your marketing. See some of the fun stuff that can be applied to your business!

Lead Gen Quiz

Using the same tech in our interactive contact forms, we build a quiz for site visitors to (A) engage with them, (B) gain contact info for a mailing list, and (C) potentially turn them into clients.

Landing Pages

Wanting more mailing list opt-ins? Want to spread the word about your latest special? Get this service, and we'll build a high-converting page dedicated for just that purpose!

QR Code Form

Instead of letting your customers type in a url, why not let them scan a QR code and be taken to an interactive quiz that can capture info, schedule meetings, or send them to a page on your site! It's great for business cards, flyers, and more!

Google Ads Review

Cast aside any doubts you have about your current Google Ads account! Request a review of your campaigns and I'll summarize my findings in a comprehensive Excel sheet which will show you how to improve your CPC, CTR, Ad quality, and more!

Google Ads Omptimization

Similar to the Google Ads Review, I'll not only find ways to improve your account, but actually make these changes for you! In less than a week, your campaigns can be revolutionized with little to no effort on your part.