Why a Website?

A website is the first impression you make to potential clients, just like a handshake. But, unlike other advertising methods, a properly built website has the unique ability to be in someone’s pocket (ie. phone) in the exact moment they need your services.

  • Get leads
  • Get opt-ins
  • Engage potential clients
  • Drive paid traffic
  • Get organic visitors (SEO)
  • Be used with flyers, billboards, etc.
  • Be considered in a business valuation
  • Promote specials/events
  • Be used for hiring
  • Show you can help
  • Gain trust
  • Break down client barriers
  • Share company info
  • Make your business appear bigger than it is
  • Show you’re modern
  • Display your reviews
  • Show your services
  • Be used in social media
  • Show your portfolio

How We Build Websites

The Skill

The quality you see on this website is the same quality you receive in your own. Often, our clients' websites look better because we're focused more on their websites.

The Communication

We make sure to communicate with our clients, giving them progress updates, asking for info, and more, but we're always open to answer your questions or to make changes when needed.

The Input

We want your input, and that doesn't just mean your logo on contact info. We consider your color scheme, current pages, any applicable design features, and more when building your site.

The Images

Alongside your business images, we have a vast library of premium stock images that can relate to just about any business. If we don't have the right images, then we'll get more.

The Design

We don't want our websites to look good on just one device, but on all devices. We'll also be sure to use design elements that are appropriate to your unique niche/business.

The Troubleshooting

If something doesn't work right, takes thrice as long as it should to complete, or simply won't do what it's supposed to, then you'll never hear about it! Focus on running your business!

See Our Add-Ons

Your site can do a lot more. Check out our site add-ons, or even our one-time/monthly services! Invest in your digital real estate like you would your physical location!

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Bonus Features

Our maintenance plans include a variety of bonus features that you might be interested in! Check them out here!


We offer premium-grade business hosting, and take care of all fees and hassles associated with it.


Want something changed? Let us do it for you, whether it's replacing old info or posting your latest special!

Speed Boosting

Seconds can cost you! Let your site load fast for your potential customers and the search engines!


Keep your site, plugins, and core features up-to-date with the latest internet security, releases, and more!


Get your site secure with an authenticated SSL certificate! Boosts client/search engine legitimacy!


Integrate Google tags, Facebook pixels, select booking platforms, and related items into your website!

How Should You View Your Website?

  • It’s your digital real estate/location. The people who walk in get to browse, ask questions, see what you do, and even go to checkout.
  • It’s your best salesman. It never sleeps, it doesn’t go to lunch, it’s not playing video games on your company computer, and it complements your other forms of advertising, from flyers to Google Ads.
  • It’s one of your most valuable assets. If done right, it can be downright powerful in terms of conversions, brand awareness, list building, and more.


If you guys build a site on my domain, do I keep it?

If you bought the domain, you keep it! And if you fully paid for the website, then you’ll keep that too! The only exception would be with certain add-ons where, if you cancel, we remove trade secrets for the sake of ourselves and our clients.

What kind of hosting do you use?

We host all of our websites on premium-grade business hosting at GoDaddy. Let’s put it this way: it’s super sweet! Also, we make it a point to not crowd our servers, so know your website is going to have a lot of “elbow room” if it’s a part of your plan.

Who will have access to my website?

No one but trusted members of Wolf Advertising. While we do enlist outside help from people we trust for specific services, we keep all web design in-house for security and to maintain our personal touch.

Is there a limit to the kinds of changes I can make?

Honestly? Not really. The main exceptions are in cases where your request is unusual or labor extensive. For example, if you’re wanting to completely reconstruct the site, you’re pretty much asking for a brand new site.

I'm not sure what I need...

No worries! If you aren’t in this almost every day, it can get pretty confusing! While you are ultimately the best judge, we will gladly help inform your decision! Contact us and we’ll give you personalized advice for your business via phone, e-mail, or even an over-the-shoulder video!

Are there more FAQs?

Yes! Check out our footer menu for more good-to-know info!

Website Pricing

For our websites, we don’t have set pricing. Every site we build is unique to that client, varying in features, number of pages, and more. To get a customized quote, please fill out our contact form, and know we offer one-time and monthly payment options!

Monthly Plans

If you do get a website, then we highly recommend getting one of our monthly plans to go with it! They offer unique features that can make your website safer, faster, and so much more! Check them out below, and let us know if you have any questions!


$75per month
  • Light Changes Monthly
  • Updates


$125per month
  • Medium Changes Monthly
  • Updates
  • Premium Hosting

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